Hmm… must be true. ;)

Hmm… must be true. ;)


I’ve never been a fan of heights. I love the view alright, but I’m always cautious near the edge. I guess I have a fear of the wall, fence (or whatever the barrier is along the perimeter) giving way unexpectedly.  With this in mind, I am absolutely crazy to think that I can do ziplining!  So when my friends and I went to Baguio last weekend and found out that Tree Top Adventure at Camp John Hay already opened, I was freaking out! Of course we have to try it out. It would be so uncool of me not to do it. So I have to play it cool in front of them.  Bahala na!

From one activity to the next, you’d have to walk/trek downhill and uphill, through soil and a bit of grass, but with pine trees on the side. First stop, the Superman ride. This one’s 200 meters long, 150 feet high! I think. Basta, it is high alright! I swear my knees are shaking while they strap me on my harness. The view was breathtaking. And while still a little scary, it was totally worth the minimal anxiety. Minimal? You think? Hahaha! I really thought that I wouldn’t risk missing the zipline opportunity when faced with one of the few chances to do it in a lifetime. And when i saw the amazing view, i knew i had made the right choice. J

Aquarians are always kind and helpful but just because they’re nice to you, it doesn’t mean they want to date you. :p

steady sunday :)

My staff and I started out planning for a weekend trek at Mt. Pinatubo but later found out that we need to book the trip 3 days before the trek. We didn’t want to waste a beautiful Sunday morning so we end up having a swim at my backyard. Lol. 

The HDU gang. Charm, Mateo, Arcen, Nikki, Rose and Ryan. (photo by tinsexy)

early birds :)

swim time! :)

Rose brought this uber cool underwater cam. (photo by Rosing)

Arcen :)

Rose :)

Carlo :)

Day wouldn’t be complete without food! Yum!

and our favorite drink… cheers! :)

good times! next stop? beach baby! :)

Mark’s Anatomy

Its 8 am Monday morning and for a dialysis nurse like me,  today is a new chance to save a life.

I have a four hour date with Anne*, a 23 year old patient with End Stage Renal Disease. Then she will be back on Friday, two days a week for the rest of her life, unless she is lucky enough to receive a kidney transplant.

Today, she arrives with her usual smile, and then settles into one of the LA-Z boys (recliners) in the room. Propping her right arm, she allows me to insert two needles into the blood vessels near her wrist. For the next four hours, the dialysis machine will remove wastes and excess fluids from Anne’s blood.

Anne’s kidneys failed when she was 21. For now, dialysis keeps her alive.

I remember when I was a student nurse and my biggest worry was, like, if I’d pass my quiz, or if I’d get to home early for a “gimik” on that day. Now that I’m practicing it, being a nurse is totally puffed up.

I mean, don’t be fooled by all the looks and the great compensation and the no clinical instructors telling you what to do. Nursing is responsibility.

Nurses have to be in places and do things and earn a living. If you’re training to be a dialysis nurse like me, an 8 hour shift, six days a week, 25 chronic hemodialysis patients, priming the machine, slipping two needles into the blood vessels and monitoring every 30 minutes. Hello? Talk about responsibility.

Responsibility, it really does suck.

Some days there are potentially “toxic” events on dialysis session. Like someone’s blood pressure drops (hypotension); someone else become short of breath; or a blood line disconnected. There are days when it’s difficult to just smile especially on a bad day.

Besides medical care, a dialysis nurse also tends to the emotional and social needs of their patients. Anne would sometimes talk about her problems, love problems in particular. I’m really good at it now you know. You just glance at the patient once in a while, nod when you’re supposed to nod, and say. “Yes, I see”, when it’s appropriate.

It is when a patient would come up to me to talk about their problems that I see my own life from a different perspective. I suddenly realized that, “hey, these people have got it worse than I do.” These people have to bear being punctured by two one-and-a-quarter-inch long, large bore needles. Suddenly my problems seem to be petty compared to the problems of my patients.

Responsibility, it really does suck sometimes. 

And still, being a dialysis nurse has its perks.

I mean the looks, the compensation, and the no clinical instructors telling you what to do. That’s pretty damn good.

*not her real name

written July 16 2008

Channeling Mateo

I have thick wavy to curly hair and i used to hate it. I fought with it all my life. Lol. Even went to the salon several times to have it straightened. I would blow dry it to keep it straight but that was rather tiring after months of doing it. I realized I have to do something: accept my hair for what it is. And I really like it now.  Some say I look good at it. Lol. And thanks to Mateo Rodriguez for sporting this look. I’m not saying we look alike but pretty close. Kulot is definitely in! 

*my new ‘do to be uploaded soon. lol.

huat chan

The team and I are suckers for parties. So when its time to celebrate Ryan’s birthday, all hell breaks loose. ;)

meyn & marko. sober.

meyn & marko. after 2 shots of kurant. a.k.a imortal??

meet rose. she loves to eat. and drink. and get drunk? we call her Alaminos girl. ;) 

meet meyn. the party planner/cook/host/singer/dancer/atbp. ikaw na!

best pizza ever! ;)

goofing around. told you she’s crazy. ;p

best dialysis team ever! ;)

the birthday boy ryan with the most astig cake! fireworks baby!


I’ve always had this tendency to assume that change; can only be for the worse. Two months ago, while a friend and I were having a coffee, he asked me when i will leave for abroad. It’s been almost three years since i started working as a nurse and he said that’s enough experience for me and I should try working overseas. I said why would I? He said I’d be a fool if I didn’t.

And then he started telling me about his work in Canada, how great it was and how I should try working there. I said nah, I’m pretty much settled here. I’m embracing the simple, relatively angst-free pleasures of Tarlac. He was laughing.

Tarlac has been my home for 23 years. My family’s here, my friends, and my job. I love my job by the way, it doesn’t pay much, but i love it. And then i told him about my work, my friends at work and my patients. it’s true. I love where I am now.

At least, that’s what I know.

Three hours of talking and four cups of coffee after, I was left thinking. Am I really happy with what i have now? Am I really gonna sit here my entire life and wait for the world to come to me? Maybe it’s the caffeine talking. I dont know.

Maybe it’s true what they say. That people’s lives, their real lives, only begin when they step out into the world. Like whatever’s waiting for me out there, may not be that bad. And even if it is, then not knowing about it, might actually be the good part. I’m so melodramatic right now. Lol

And just like that, I made the biggest decision of my life. I called my brother, who is in Dubai and told him i made up my mind. I wanted to go and work there. A week later, I received my Visa and my plane ticket. I have two weeks to notify my employer about my resignation, and to say goodbye to my friends and colleagues.

July 21, 2008. I was on my way to Dubai. But getting there is another story. Trust me.

Look, my point is that I don’t think that everybody is presented with an opportunity like this when they’re 23. Or when they’re 30. But that doesn’t mean you stop looking and hoping. You know, ’cause you will. And when you do, I guess you know it.

written 9 21 2008

january 28

best birthday cake ever! need i say more? ;)

On this day…


1225 – Saint Thomas Aquinas

1457 – King Henry VII of England

1600 – Pope Clement IX

1712 – Tokugawa Ieshige, Japanese shogun

1822 – Alexander Mackenzie, 2nd Prime Minister of Canada

1884 – Auguste Piccard, Swiss physicist

1891 – Bill Doak, American baseball player

1904 – Canuplin, Filipino magician and bodabil entertainer

1912 – Jackson Pollock, American painter

1922 – Robert W. Holley, American biochemist, Nobel Laureate

1943 – Dick Taylor, English musician

1954 – Rick Warren, American pastor and author

1968 – Sarah McLachlan, Canadian singer and songwriter

1980 – Nick Carter, American singer (Backstreet Boys)

1981 – Elijah Wood, American actor

1985 – Mark Bisda, Filipino nurse

1986 – Alexis Texas, porn star (Lupet!)